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Kirsten Wilson Law, PLLC is a dynamic, and trustworthy law firm that specializes in litigation. Attorney Wilson has been practicing since 1997, and is licensed in both state and federal court in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She consistently obtains favorable results for her clients through a combination of creativity, compassion and diligent work.



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At Kirsten Wilson Law, PLLC, we are dedicated professionals that care deeply about our clients and their legal issues. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs and the subsequent impact on their lives.



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Attorney Wilson is a nationally respected trial lawyer and former prosecutor. She represents individuals and businesses in civil and criminal matters pending in both state and federal courts in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

Attorney Wilson founded the firm in 2018, with over twenty years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She has successfully tried hundreds of major criminal and civil cases.

Attorney Wilson's decades of litigation experience in New England have led her to be a widely-respected litigator among her peers and the courts, and she has developed a vast network of experts and consultants with whom she works to present the strongest case possible for her clients.

Kirsten has also served as a legal analyst and consultant for the media. She has been featured several times in shows on the Discovery ID channel, giving commentary on her own prominent cases, as well as other criminal matters. She has served as a legal analyst for both local and national television news for over a decade. 

She previously taught Constitutional Law as an adjunct faculty member in Plymouth State University's Criminal Justice department. In 2009, she was recognized as one of New Hampshire's brightest young achievers with a record of professional and volunteer accomplishments in The Union Leader's "40 Under 40." She has been a presenter at trainings for the forensic science community and has taught courses and programs to law enforcement at the state and national level. She is a recipient of the Board of Governor's National Award from the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation.  


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Kirsten has served her community as a Senior Assistant Attorney General and Rockingham County Assistant Attorney. Kirsten has served as lead counsel in prosecuting high profile homicide, sexual  assault and complex fraud and drug enterprise cases.  She applies that vast experience and knowledge to assist her clients through anticipating the mindset and trial strategies that may be used throughout litigation.  She handles a wide array of criminal matters to include murder, sex crimes, fraud, white collar crimes, and drug offenses. Her practice also includes post conviction litigation, juvenile representation and certification hearings.

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Attorney Wilson has represented civil clients in both federal and state courts on matters ranging from small claims cases to complex, million dollar claims in federal courts. She has worked at three highly regarded, civil boutique firms in New England and lead litigation teams in securing successful outcomes for her clients. Civil cases are strategically analyzed to maximize the impact of actions taken to secure the best possible results for our clients.



Briefing and arguing cases at the appellate level is a specialized skill, requiring precision and experience.  Identifying and framing legal arguments which are supported by law and facts is a talent which Attorney Wilson has honed by briefing and arguing appeals at the New Hampshire Supreme Court for over a decade.



Attorney Wilson has served as an on-air legal analyst for both local and national television stations since 2009. She also has appeared on the Discovery ID Channel on many of her own notorious cases, or as consultant on other cases of national interest. Kirsten has also served as a consultant to both novelists and screenwriters concerning legal elements of their plot line to ensure accuracy and that the legal portions of their work are an enhancement to their story.

Collating Data


Kirsten has the requisite expertise and experience to assist colleges, universities and secondary schools in conducting independent Title IX investigations.  Kirsten has been professionally trained on civil rights investigation interviewing techniques, and conducts investigations with sensitivity and impartiality.  She brings over 20 years of experience in investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and applies them under the specific requirements of the Title IX landscape.

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Kirsten has represented juveniles during investigations being conducted by school administrations and law enforcements. She has experience in certification hearings where the State seeks to try a child as an adult, and the complex law and research regarding adolescent brain development.

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"If you are looking for a special relationship with an attorney, look no further. Kirsten was highly recommended to me by another attorney who couldn't take the case. She is intelligent, extremely smart, always there to answer any questions, whether phone or email or text. She is highly motivated to get what needs to be done done! My family's case has been over for a while now and she still checks in on us. You won't be disappointed with her spectacular legal skills." - Lynne

"Kirsten is an intelligent and compassionate attorney who is both strategic and extremely professional in her approach with clients. I hired Kirsten in June 2016 for simple assault charges and a restraining order that my estranged husband was moving forward with. I found Kirsten's business acumen and timely responsiveness to all my questions/concerns to be most impressive. She is concise, very powerful with her words and 100% prepared every time we met or needed to appear in court. Kirsten consistently pushed back on the opposing attorney and did not back down, swaying the Judge to ultimately dismiss the restraining order. After seeing Kirsten in action, I had total confidence that not only was she worth the "investment"; she truly lived up to her impeccable reputation. If you are looking for an attorney who is genuine, reasonable, and dedicated to getting you the outcome you deserve, Kirsten is truly someone you need on your side!" - Katie

"I first worked with Kirsten as opposing counsel in a criminal case. Her professionalism was only matched by the adeptness with which she handled the complex legal issues presented. Since then she has continued to prove herself a skilled and thoughtful advocate who brings her years of experience as a prosecutor to aid her clients as a defense attorney. She deservedly has the respect of both attorneys and judges alike." - Robin

"I honestly thought [my husband] would never get a fair chance in any...courtroom...that was until [Kirsten] came along. I knew [she] was a different type of attorney from the get-go, [she] fights for the people she represents and really seems to care. [She] has been nothing but good to [my husband], and for that my family and I will forever be grateful." - Kady 



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