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Experience. Respect. Results.

We are consistent, patient, and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions concerning their legal needs and the subsequent impact on their lives.

At Kirsten Wilson Law, PLLC, we are dedicated professionals that care deeply about our clients and their legal issues. Attorney Wilson consistently obtains favorable results for her clients through a combination of creativity, compassion, and diligent work.

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"Kirsten is an amazing lawyer. She was extremely friendly and approachable from the start, being both professional but also comforting during a difficult process. She was always available to communicate and prompt to respond to any questions. Her legal assistant, Amanda, was equally as helpful when Kirsten was away. I cannot say enough to describe how amazing they are from their work ethic to their knowledge and how much they care about seeing a positive outcome for you. I've dealt with many lawyers, and by far this was the most positive experience I've had. In the end, attorney Wilson's expertise and steadfast resolve paid off with a life changing win of my petition. If you are not just looking for an attorney whose in it for the paycheck, but someone who seriously cares about the law, injustices, and about you as a person, then Kirsten is most definitely the attorney for you." -T.S.​


"Your support and engagement gave me strength to keep up the were really a big help and made me believe. Thank you for your legal, moral and general support to make this happen.... Life is good.  I wanted to reach out to the very few people that were a big part of this, and sincerely thank them.  You made a difference; a huge difference.  Your efforts probably made to biggest difference in my dealings with the system. " - Rick​


"If you are looking for a special relationship with an attorney, look no further. Kirsten was highly recommended to me by another attorney who couldn't take the case. She is intelligent, extremely smart, always there to answer any questions, whether phone or email or text. She is highly motivated to get what needs to be done done! My family's case has been over for a while now and she still checks in on us. You won't be disappointed with her spectacular legal skills." - Lynne

"Kirsten is an intelligent and compassionate attorney who is both strategic and extremely professional in her approach with clients. I hired Kirsten in June 2016 for simple assault charges and a restraining order that my estranged husband was moving forward with. I found Kirsten's business acumen and timely responsiveness to all my questions/concerns to be most impressive. She is concise, very powerful with her words and 100% prepared every time we met or needed to appear in court. Kirsten consistently pushed back on the opposing attorney and did not back down, swaying the Judge to ultimately dismiss the restraining order. After seeing Kirsten in action, I had total confidence that not only was she worth the "investment"; she truly lived up to her impeccable reputation. If you are looking for an attorney who is genuine, reasonable, and dedicated to getting you the outcome you deserve, Kirsten is truly someone you need on your side!" - Katie

"I first worked with Kirsten as opposing counsel in a criminal case. Her professionalism was only matched by the adeptness with which she handled the complex legal issues presented. Since then she has continued to prove herself a skilled and thoughtful advocate who brings her years of experience as a prosecutor to aid her clients as a defense attorney. She deservedly has the respect of both attorneys and judges alike." - Robin

"I honestly thought [my husband] would never get a fair chance in any...courtroom...that was until [Kirsten] came along. I knew [she] was a different type of attorney from the get-go, [she] fights for the people she represents and really seems to care. [She] has been nothing but good to [my husband], and for that my family and I will forever be grateful." - Kady 

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