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Restraining orders are often necessary to keep disputes from escalating into even greater conflicts. Unfortunately, parties sometimes use them to discredit others. Whether seeking a restraining order or defending the granting of an order against you, Kirsten Wilson Law will help you navigate the process to ensure your best chances of success. 

Obtaining Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a complex situation with overlapping issues of emotional ties, physical safety, and financial worries. The staff at Kirsten Wilson Law understands this, and will help you navigate the laws surrounding filing and obtaining a temporary and permanent restraining order. 

Renewal of Restraining Orders

Renewals of restraining orders are governed by filing deadlines, assertions of ongoing concerns for the petitioner's safety, and advocating for the same in hearings if necessary. Different time periods of extension are available depending how long a restraining order has been in existence. The staff at Kirsten Wilson law will advocate to ensure the best success for an extension of an existing restraining order. 

Defense Against Restraining Orders

While domestic violence is a very real societal problem, it is also true that people are often falsely accused of domestic violence to gain leverage in divorce or custody proceedings, or for emotional reasons. While the orders are civil in nature, any violation can result in criminal charges with life long consequences. It is critical to defend against petitions vigorously from the outset, and Atty. Wilson has  a track record of successfully arguing against numerous restraining orders.

Violation of Restraining Orders

Violations of Protective Orders can be either misdemeanors or felony level offenses, but in either instance have federal consequences that are permanent. They similarly can carry very heavy societal consequences on employment and housing applications. It is critical to have an attorney representing you that is experienced and skilled in this area. Attorney Wilson has been handling such domestic violence cases throughout her 20 year career.  

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