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Attorney Wilson served her community as a Senior Assistant Attorney General and Rockingham County Assistant Attorney before focusing her attention on defense work. She has experience as lead counsel in high-profile homicide, sexual assault, and complex fraud and drug enterprise cases.  She applies that vast experience and knowledge to assist her clients in developing strategies to use throughout their litigation.  Kirsten Wilson Law handles a wide array of criminal matters to include murder, sex crimes, fraud, white collar crimes, and drug offenses. Her practice also includes post-conviction litigation, juvenile representation, and administrative hearings. She practices in both state and federal court. 

Federal Charges

The laws and procedures in federal court appear superficially similar to those in state courts, however they are far more complex and aggressively litigated. It is imperative if you or your loved one is charged in federal court, that you retain counsel skilled in federal practice. Atty. Wilson has successfully defended clients in complex criminal cases in the District of New Hampshire, combatting the government's vast resources with experience and knowledge.

Drug Offenses

Drug charges are driven by complicated laws with severe penalties. They are often the result of a search and seizure by law enforcement. Attacking the basis of the search can result in reduction or even dismissal of charges. Hiring an attorney that is up to date on the laws governing search and seizure is critical to a strong defense to drug charges. Atty. Wilson has a record of aggressively challenging the methods used by police in drug cases, to ensure that client's rights are protected, and they obtain the best results in their case. 

Pre Arrest

If you believe you may be charged with a state or federal offense, the strategic advantage to retaining counsel early can not be overstated. Often, those accused of crimes do not reach out to hire an attorney until after the investigation is completed by the government, and charges are filed. Hiring skilled and experienced counsel early in the process will help build a much stronger defense, and protect your rights. Atty. Wilson not only intercedes with the government on behalf of her clients in pre-arrest representation, but also starts building a case before evidence becomes stale.


Homicide practice is a highly specialized and complex area of criminal defense. Cases involve factual analysis, witness credibility, and numerous areas of scientific testimony. Such cases can involve ballistics, forensic pathology, fingerprints, blood spatter pattern analysis, forensic anthropology and odontology. Atty. Wilson has extensive experience in homicide cases and these scientific specialties, having prosecuted some of the most complex homicides in New Hampshire. She also has access to an extensive network of specialists to consult with to help challenge the State's evidence, as well as the knowledge of how to litigate these complex cases. 

Sex Offense Charges

The consequences for defendants convicted of sex offenses are profound. Not only do they face possible incarceration, but also the requirement of registering as a sex offender. These cases often hinge upon the credibility of the defendant and other witnesses, and proper preparation are key. Atty. Wilson has both prosecuted and defended sex offenses for over two decades, and is a knowledgeable and skilled advocate for those accused of sexual offenses. 


Appellate advocacy is a highly specialized area of practice, and it is critical that those convicted of crimes have counsel that both understands the trial process from the lower court, as well as the structured legal analysis required for appeal of the preserved legal issues at trial. Appeals can change the outcome of trials, and provide clients with a second chance to address wrongs that occurred at the lower court. Atty. Wilson has advocated at the New Hampshire Supreme Court since 2005, with strong results and knowledgeable advocacy for her clients.


A criminal background check is run for everything from employment to renting an apartment or qualifying for a loan. If you have been charged or convicted with a crime, the benefits of removing it from your record are numerous. Atty. Wilson and her staff are skilled and experienced in the multi-dimensional process of having your record annulled and frequently help their clients do so as quickly as possible, saving time and cost. 

Juvenile Defense

When minors are charged with crimes, they are processed in an entirely different system than adults. It is critical if you or a loved one has a petition brought in juvenile court, that you have not only an attorney skilled in criminal defense, but one that is experienced in the process and procedures governing juvenile law. Atty. Wilson has frequently and skillfully advocated for juvenile clients charged with everything from drug possession to serious offenses where the government seeks to prosecute and punish the child as an adult. 

Restraining Orders

The outcome of your restraining order hearing can have lasting effects for not only you, but your family. The interplay between civil restraining orders and potential criminal charges for violating orders is confusing for many people thrust into these cases. Atty. Wilson understands the deep emotional toll such cases can take on clients, and helps them navigate the legal process with compassion to achieve a positive outcome. 

Sex Offender Registry

The laws governing when someone has to register as a sex offender, what the reporting requirements are for each level of registration, and when someone may be eligible to get off of the sex offender registry can be incredibly confusing. Some hearings are at the Department of Safety, while others are held in Superior Courts. Attorney Wilson has experience in all facets of the registry process and helping her clients navigate towards the best possible outcome of these complex post-conviction hearings. 

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