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Pillars of Justice


Attorney Wilson understands how confusing litigation can be to navigate for victims and witnesses in cases. She takes the time to explain the process and pitfalls of the court system to her clients and helps guide them through each stage of the case. Kirsten Wilson Law serves as a contact for these clients, to ensure that all information is explained and understood. 

Criminal Cases

Often times witnesses and victims feel like the overlooked part of the criminal justice system. While there are victim witness coordinators in many prosecutor's offices, their job is not to advocate for the interests or rights of victims. They act as a conduit for information regarding the case. In many circumstances it is important that witnesses and victims have counsel, advocating for their interests, and taking time to anticipate, explain and prepare clients for the litigation ahead. Attorney Wilson has worked extensively with victims and witnesses in cases drawing from her decades of experience both prosecuting and defending cases. 

Civil Cases

Being a witness in a civil case is often much different than the courtroom dramas people are accustomed to seeing on television or in the movies. Usually witnesses become involved when they are subpoenaed to depositions and/or subpoenaed to produce documents. Often these compelled productions or testimony are overwhelming and confusing. Attorney Wilson has worked with numerous civil witnesses in preparing for depositions, and producing documents that are relevant to the matter, while fighting to exclude those designed to harass or overwhelm a witness. 

Corporate Liaison in Litigation

Many times corporate interests and liability are on the line when criminal cases are in litigation based on the conduct of employees. Attorney Wilson has acted as corporate liaison counsel in these situations, bringing her criminal acumen to monitoring cases as they proceed through the system and reporting to corporate counsel on all relevant aspects to the corporation. 

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