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Pillars of Justice


Attorney Wilson has frequently represented juveniles during investigations being conducted by school administrations and law enforcement. She has experience in certification hearings where the State seeks to try a child as an adult and the complex law and research regarding adolescent brain development.

Juvenile Defense

While juvenile offenses often look and sound like criminal charges, they are handled in family court, under different rules and laws than adult criminal charges. It is critical that juveniles that find themselves facing a delinquency petition have representation that has experience in juvenile court. Attorney Wilson has worked in the juvenile system both as prosecutor and defense attorney, and understands the significant nuances of the system. 

Certification Hearings

Certification hearings are the mechanism by which the State can attempt to try a juvenile within the adult system. After a juvenile has a petition brought against them, the State may file to transfer the case to the adult system. That process is governed by specific laws and procedures, supported by an ever evolving basis in United States Supreme Court law and neurological science. Attorney Wilson has successfully defended against such transfers at both the family court level, and the adult court level preventing acceptance. 

Student Representations-Investigations

Atty. Wilson has a unique combination of training and experience as a Title IX certified investigator as well as being a seasoned defense attorney. Student misconduct investigations are entirely different than criminal investigations, but it is critical that someone faced with such allegations understand the interplay of not only school consequences, but potential criminal consequences as well. 

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